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Dr Zebo’s Wheezy Club @ The Laverton
Sep 23 @ 7:30 pm – 11:15 pm

Dr Zebo’s Wheezy Club brings together the lively genres of jazz & swing from the 1930s & 40s, with original and traditional fiddle tunes.  It’s all very jolly and guaranteed to keep everyone on their toes.

The band consists of Simon Taylor – guitar and vocals, Mike Fossett – fiddle and vocals and Ralf Dorrell – double bass. With a combined performance record of greater than 100 years, there is no lack of experience!

Simon and Mike go back a long way, having grown up together in the swamps of Filton, Bristol. Both play together in the well-established pub and ceilidh band The Electric Lobsters. The Lobsters have been together for nearly 30 years and are still banging it out! Mike also plays in the Prog/Rock outfit, Bluedog.

Ralf is very active on the South West music scene as a composer, performer (double bass, bass guitar and trombone), bandleader, ensemble director, lecturer, teacher and workshop tutor. He has been leading workshops on improvisation, composition and jazz since 1984. His compositions have been performed on BBC Radio 3 and at venues including the Purcell Rooms, South Bank, London and St George’s, Brandon Hill, Bristol. As a performer he has played at music festivals both in the UK ( including Glastonbury and Edinburgh ) and abroad ( Le Mans Jazz Festival ), and has performed on BBC Radios 2, 3 and 4 as well as on BBC 1 and Channel 4 television.

Zebo’s site


The band have just released a new album, Painting the Clouds

it will be on sale on the night.


Sponsored by: Haine and Smith – 19 High Street Westbury BA13 3BN

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Painting the Clouds

The whole point of Dr Zebo’s music is to put a new spin on older material and to mix this with original tunes. Our set consists of quirky juxtapositions of material from a wide variety of sources within a single piece. Elements of the mix include 1920’s jazz songs sung in close harmony, original folky tunes by members of the band and quotes from well-known TV and film music: the theme music of Tom and Jerry might turn into a 16th century dance tune followed by a Tom Waits song. Even when we perform a complete piece by someone else (such as Steely Dan or Nat King Cole) it will become “Zebo-ised” by the fact that we play it on acoustic folk instruments or we will change the rhythm to something bizarre like a tango or with a reggae-feel, and often play it in a tongue-in-cheek way.

 Overall, this bizarre, funny and quirky kaleidoscope of music is very difficult to get across in a 20 sec video or audio clip. You have to experience it in the flesh!

 The gig should coincide with the launch of our first CD “Painting the Clouds”.

Dr Zebo’s

The Tone Takers – featuring BBC Antiques Roadshow’s Marc Allum @ The Hollies Inn
Sep 29 @ 9:00 pm – 10:45 pm

The Tone Takers will be landing at the Hollies Inn.

They play mostly blues ranging from Doc Watson to Chuck Berry plus some more laid back psychedelic songs!

The band’s experienced musicians are Marc Allum (Bass), Gerry Tinson (drums), Tony Seeger (slide guitar and mandolin), Robb Ladd (keyboards), Fred Guscott (guitar and bouzouki).

As you can see from the photo they are based in Chippenham.

We are delighted that the Hollies Inn are again supporting the Westbury Festival.






Many of you might think you recognise the bassist Marc Allum and perhaps wonder with which 80s SuperGroup he played?  But (although for all we know he may have played with a 80s SuperGroup ), we suspect that you actually recognise him for being one of the regular experts on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow covering miscellaneous items since 1998!

But when not looking for finds with the roadshow, his other passion is his music and when he visited the Festival last year in his role as an antique expert he told us he was keen to return with his band.

Please note: Marc will not be appraising antiques – unless you happen to have 1930s Slingerland guitar in which case he might tell you about it if you let him play it!

This event is free thanks to generous support of the Hollies Inn.


Rock @ the Hollies @ The Hollies Inn
Sep 28 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

For the past few years Charlie at the Hollies Inn in Westbury Leigh has supported the Festival by putting on a quality band for free for festival goers.

This year will be no different!  Come along and enjoy a rocking-good evening with Jules, Tash & the Oddmen


If you wish to have a meal beforehand, booking is recommended 01373 864493


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