Booking Tickets, Sell Outs etc.

You are an odd lot. At our events we have had people tell us they will come to “xxxyyy” but when offered a ticket they say they will “get it on the door”.

Now we know that it sometimes it is because they are “being polite” and won’t really come but a few events sell out every year and we hate to turn people away; sadly, we have had to already this year because of venue capacities. Apologies if this has happened to you and thank you for your support all the same – we hope you will try something else

If you are thinking about coming to the door, take a look at the website. If the numbers are low some time before then that might be a sell out.

On the day we usually take out a few tickets for the door if we have plenty left but we “put them” back if we run out for on- line or the box office.

Also if you have a discount code, you won’t be able to use it at the door and the advanced prices will not be available.

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