COVID Policies

COVID Policies

Like everyone else, we can’t predict the future: but we feel relatively confident, that most of our events will be able to take place pretty well as normal.

Covid Cancellation Policy – Short version

If an event has to be cancelled or reduced in numbers because of changes to COVID rules, we will refund your ticket cost, including any booking fees in full – simple.*

Westbury Festival will follow the rules required by each venue. We will advertise what those are as soon as we know them. But we are aware that there may be changes.

In the unfortunate and unexpected event of a reduction of numbers at a venue, we will try to be as fair as possible, cancelling bookings (with refund, of course) in the reverse order of which they were made i.e. last in first out

We consider it part of our terms of sale that those attending events will be prepared to comply with any reasonable venue requirements.

We would consider the following to be “reasonable”:

  • Use of sanitizers/hand washing
  • Complying with one-way systems
  • Social distancing
  • Seating arrangements
  •  Increased ventilation (e.g. open windows)
  • Wearing masks in certain parts of a building
  • Asking for proof of vaccination/recent test etc. if such rules are in place (we are not aware of any venues asking for this, but laws might change)

Our website will contain information that has been provided by the venues but you will understand that these may be subject to change.

We don’t want anyone to feel they are at risk or put themselves at risk and will be happy to answer questions about what will happen at a particular event if you need further information.

* Online bookings will be refunded to your credit card; cash sales will be refunded on presentation of a ticket (we will try to be flexible on how this is done). As a small organisation, we cannot take responsibility for any indirect costs you may have incurred.

We are looking forward to having a full festival and we hope you are too. Stay Safe

Festival Committee

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