Portrait of a Village Exhibition


An exhibition by Lesley Longworth, artist documenting the village and its residents in artwork and photographs, interwoven with biographies and the history of the village. This is a unique opportunity to see behind the front doors of some of Westbury Leigh’s historic and beautiful buildings.
Visitors will also be able to see Lesley’s studio and an exhibition of her work at 90 Westbury Leigh









LILLY will not be at the exhibition for this showing

There is also a chance to meet and talk to the artist and historian Lily Munday who still lives in the Westbury Leigh house where she was born. She will be at the exhibition at the following times:
Saturday 28th Sept 10 am– 5pm
Sunday 29th Sept 11am – 3pm
Monday 30th Sept 4am – 6pm

The exhibition will also be open from Tuesday 2nd to Saturday the of September in the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm


Lilly Munday painted by Lesley Longworth


90 Westbury Leigh
Westbury BA13 3SQ