White Horses, Eric Ravilious & the Lost Puffin Picture Book

The story of Eric Ravilious’ lost Puffin book has captivated fans and researchers for decades.  The trail had few clues and with Ravilious’ untimely death, the key protaginist was missing.

Now at last, Joe Pearson at DFT publishers, has re-imagined ‘White Horses’  based on Ravilious’ 1941 dummy book, placing his atmospheric water colours of the downland chalk figures in their original intended context.

The original “dummy” can be found at the Wiltshire Museum and features the Westbury White Horse on the cover titled ‘Train Landscape’  that Ravilious created in 1939.  Over 75 years later, people are now able to glimpse what the original Puffin picture book might have resembled.

You can purchase a copy of the book on the night or via www.designfortoday.co.uk

We expect this event to sell out fast, tickets can be purchased here by clicking on the icon below, or at the Visitor Centre in the High Street (cash only) or on the door on the night (but that might be risky as we might have sold out by then!)

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