Drawing Hercules

Westbury Museum’s Hercules began life atop aa large beam steam engine in Bitham mill. When the mill closed in 1969 Jack Ingram, who was the maintenance engineer at Bitham Mill from 1936 who had  rescued him when the old beam engine was removed, took him home to live in station road Westbury, After Jack’s death Hercules moved to Chitterne and in 1992 Jack’s daughter donated him to the Westbury Museum.  In 2017  Hercules was repaired in one of the first editions o f the BBC’s repair shop.
In today’s session you will ahev the opporunity to draw hercules.


Saturday 20 Jul 24


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Westbury Museum (library)
Westbury Museum, Westbury Library, Edward Street Westbury BA13 3BD


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