The Bum Notes & the Water Thieves

An intriguing mix of close harmony and barber shop results in an entertaining evening of music from the Bum Notes and the Water Thieves. The BUM NOTES are a group of good friends who love getting together to sing a range of popular songs and barbershop numbers – unaccompanied and in close harmony. Rather than a traditional barbershop quartet, the Bum Notes have gone for safety in numbers and perform as an octet, singing a variety of popular songs in close harmony and barbershop styles. The WATER THIEVES sing 1930s close harmony jazz. They are Sarah Walters, Sophy Williams and Simon Taylor. If you think of the Andrews Sisters and go back ten years you get to the Boswell Sisters. These New Orleans sisters and their contemporaries have inspired the Water Thieves’ repertoire – be prepared for unusual percussion, clarinet and guitar and, of course, three voices.
Parlour jazz – close harmony with a skiffly tinge!


Wednesday 06 Oct 21


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm




West End Baptist Church
West End Westbury United Kingdom BA13 3JG
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