Leighton House walks

Once again, we are thrilled that the walks at Leighton House have been a sell-out.  However, this is a military establishment and as such, if you are booked on one of the tours, please remember you will need to bring some form of ID with you, preferably a photo ID.

Also, there is no parking at all at Leighton House or on the Warminster Road nearby.  The nearest public car park is further down the Warminster Road towards Westbury town centre, just behind the Chinese restaurant.

Surfaces on the walk are uneven, so please wear sensible footwear and there is no cover if the weather is wet.

Lastly, can we remind everyone that this is a ticket-only event and there will be NO tickets available on the day.

Thanks for your continuing support of Westbury Festival and we hope you enjoy this and any other event you are attending.