You can buy tickets for any event online from anywhere in our site when you see a link.

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This will take you to the Ticket Source Secure shop for that event or you can buy from the ticket shop below.

You buy tickets using your credit card and print them on your own printer much like buying an airline ticket.

What happens if my printer fails to print properly?
No problem just print again – ticketsource will send you a copy by e-mail or you can return to their web site

Can I print a copy of a ticket and give it to a friend?
You can but it won’t work. Each ticket has a unique QR code which we will scan at the event

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Usually,  if you ask in time – b utwe don’t normally offer refunds within 2 weeks of the event.  (Some events can’t be refunded – this would be made clear at booking). Ticketsource make a small charge for the additional credit card handling (the festival absorbs the fee when you buy)

Why do you charge and then give refunds on tickets for some free events?
These are events where we have limited numbers so we can’t have people just turning up and we want to discourage people from taking tickets without really being certain that they can come (to be fair to others)

What happens if an event is cancelled?
All ticket holders will be refunded – those who paid by credit card will get their refund automatically. Cash buyers will need to bring their tickets back to us

Do you run a returns service?
No, we are only a small organisation and cannot arrange this. We suggest that for late cancellations you try to offer your tickets to someone you know.